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Really liked this. It's nice to see a different form of animation on Newgrounds sometimes. Why did you make the b&w shots so choppy though? Gives a very strange effect combined with sound.

Aww yeah

This was simply amazing. A lot of unexpected things happening always makes for a fun and interesting animation. Really smooth too. The end faces were so awesome we need a wallpaper of that :P

Oh god the sillyness

This is just perfect. :')

Really it is, the whole poem thingy with good voice acting and simple but smooth animation works really well.

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These bosses (or w/e you want to call them) are a lot of fun to fight against, but using a system with lives is kinda obsolete isn't it. Why would you want to start all over again after losing against a difficult boss, instead of retrying that boss? Kind of a disappointment to me :\

Brilliant game, love how you mess the player up with perspectives. However, I often found the exit randomly and not because of understanding navigation. This did leave me with a feeling of helplessness which was maybe your purpose?


When I want to start a race it links me to another website. If you don't want people to play it then don't upload it here.

SolidGames responds:

The game will ask you at two places (on the title screen and right before starting a race) if you want to play the version with highscores, which is only available on SolidGames.com. Please understand that there's no advertisement in the game and that those 2 links are how we are getting rewarded for our work.

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The instrumental/electronic combo feels a bit like a mishmash, but still epic like Electroman is meant to be! Definitely a worthy revisit.

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Haha, got me laughing out loud with that edit.

Digging the song. It's not "Wow, amazing!" but it is good. Just a nice, not too noisy song with a enjoyable melody. Also I'm really no expert on the field and you have gone a long way since. Hooray for useless reviews. :D

TheyCallMeCaudex responds:

Thanks, I really appreciate finally getting a review on this, glad I made you laugh!

It has a very nice loop to it, but maybe you're overdoing it a bit. The buildup could be a bit faster. Once you get to them though, I really love the seperate parts.

TheyCallMeCaudex responds:

Thanks for the review! I kind of was thinking the same thing myself. I have a bad habit I'm trying to break of either looping things too long or too short. I really appreciate the advice, and am glad that you liked it none the less!

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Given that it is an experim-.... Ah nevermind, it looks great ^^

By the way, Heavy says: "YOU ARE CREDIT TO TEAM, Spy is not."


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